Our Story

“Many years ago our founder Callum asked his father why he never saw his grandfather Ray, who had served in World War II. When Ray returned home with PTSD he was troubled, neither he nor his family understood what was going on and ultimately the family imploded”

Fast forward to the present day. A good friend of Callum’s who had served in the Military also had PTSD. Occasionally Rusty would talk about his experiences, about his friends or people he knew who had committed suicide. There had to be something that could be done.

Rusty manages his PTSD, however the thing that helped him the most was connecting with people from his Unit. Sometimes they would talk, other times they would not. But what Rusty realised was that the thing that most helped him through the dark times was by being around people with a shared experience, who understood what he went through.

And this forms the basis of our approach.